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President's Word

It is a pleasure to be able to address those who might be interested in our work.

We are basically a non for profit outfit which is dedicated to the concept of promotion of peace and equality through the dissemination of how legal and legislative systems function.

It may sound to many that considering the mountains of text that address these systems, what we have embarked on in an impossible task.

However it is our belief that although the path is uneven, still we ought to find ways and approaches that make understanding of these systems simpler.

We are of the belief that the dialogue in a perpetual fashion is the way forward. Dialogues inside each system and dialogues outside systems and between them.

We don not aim to address those are involved in the practice and making law specifically. We have in mind so called lay people whose life is affected by laws and legislative procedure and enforcement systems.

A major area of work is a global networking undertaking which will provide for a pouring of the knowledge local and domestic expertise and knowledge within a pool of global capacity in a language and within an environment of friendship and solidarity.

We would like – via a cooperation and liaison between all concerned – to find remedies and solution s such as 'expensive justice', 'legal and legislative illiteracy' that plague masses of people in various societies around the world.

We are independent and unrelated  to public and private sectors. Accordingly we endeavour to seek support for our work through events and other activities that we hold occasionally.



Members show and are of a verity of special interests. Groups are meant to bring those who share same interests closer.


We are of the conviction that only with leasure activities minds and hearts can interact more effectively.


All members are invited to participate in annual events that are designed to offer an opportunity for all to meet.


Families are important and we encourage proposals to offer families chances of getting to gather in a relaxed manner.


Leasurely and low pressure competitions can bring out health participations in the life of the club and thus vital.


Awards are intended to provide incentives for fruitful engagement and also showing appreciation to high achievers.


The Club's office is based in Oxford.  The Club is designed to offer much needed aid in a better understanding of cultures around the world that are settings for law and legislation making process.

The Club aims to achieve the above goal through offering opportunities of liaison and networking among all those who are interested in an informal and laid-back way.

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