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Advantages of Membership

-  Up to % 20 discount on prices and fees of  national and  international trips, conferences, seminars, entertainment events.

- Free copies of our online publications and monographs

- Reciving updates on all regional and global networking events and activities.

- Having priority in receiving consultation references sought by the third parties.


1. How can I obtain student membership?

You need to complete the membership form and send it with a scanned copy a proof that indicates your student status presently. The proof could be a scanned copy of a student card or a letter issued from the institute in which you are resisted as a student. This proof can be sent via our membership email.

2. What is the duration of memberships?

Membership is restricted to one year from the day the application for membership is complete. This means receipt of completed application form, any documents required, the payment of the membership fee and also the Rapproval of the membership by the Club.

3. Refund Policy

You can revoke your membership and request a refund for the membership that you have paid within 15 days from the day we have received and acknowledged the receipt of your membership fee. Please note the refunds made in the above-cited way will be minus the administration fees and returning costs.

4. How can I pay for my membership?

Please let us know via the form your preferred method of payment. We shall then provide you with the necessary details via which you can pay your membership fee.

The fees are restricted to the suggested methods in the form.

5. Membership Fees

£100 : Professionals (Practitioners/ Scholars...)

£60   : Students

Professionals (Lawyers, Scholars...)


The Club's office is based in Oxford.  The Club is designed to offer much needed aid in a better understanding of cultures around the world that are settings for law and legislation making process.

The Club aims to achieve the above goal through offering opportunities of liaison and networking among all those who are interested in an informal and laid-back way.

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