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The website is intended to improve and expand in order to accommodate the emerging needs of the Club's work. However for the time being we shall advise users to refer to this page as well as  our Tweeter account indicated on the right side of this page for further information on our news  and activities as well as the news and  activities that are not ours bu we see them worthy of being brough to the attention of our public.

Book Club

We do appreciate receiving book and media materials recommendation in areas relevant to the general subjects of the Club including books and movies covering fully or partially legislative or legal processes in various countries and cultural zones and legislative or legal constituencies.

Oxford / London Outing  Nights

Every now and then there will be occasions for friendly gatherings aimed at sementing the ties of friendships among members and friends of the Club. These are informal meetings and will be held in either public or residential locations. We encourage all to register their interest should they wish to be included in the invitation lists.

Movie Nights

Besed upon the suggestions we receive we shall hold movie nights for all who might be interested to watch and critique the movies of all genres particularly movies with law and legislation processes and stories as their theme. Legal thrillers are specifically of interest.

We highly recommend registering an interest with us for these events so that we could work out the kind of facilities that ought to be provided.



Members show and are of a verity of special interests. Groups are meant to bring those who share same interests closer.


We are of the conviction that only with leasure activities minds and hearts can interact more effectively.


All members are invited to participate in annual events that are designed to offer an opportunity for all to meet.


Families are important and we encourage proposals to offer families chances of getting to gather in a relaxed manner.


Leasurely and low pressure competitions can bring out health participations in the life of the club and thus vital.


Awards are intended to provide incentives for fruitful engagement and also showing appreciation to high achievers.


The Club's office is based in Oxford.  The Club is designed to offer much needed aid in a better understanding of cultures around the world that are settings for law and legislation making process.

The Club aims to achieve the above goal through offering opportunities of liaison and networking among all those who are interested in an informal and laid-back way.

World Law Club





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